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· BriarPatch Co-op 
· Vast Music 
· Mill Thirteen New!  
· Grass Valley Eye Care
· Marys River Watershed Council
· CoolerZone
· Sierra Storytelling Festival 
· Tuscarora Pottery School 
· North San Juan Fire District
· Best Friends Animal Clinic
· Jenny Long Painting
· Grass Valley Grains

· Barbara Wirth Interior Design 
· Whitewater Naturopathic
· High Performance Advocates
· Counseling Self
· Dana for Aitken Roshi
· Creative Cards Etc. 
· Rent A Box
· Ring of Bone Zendo 
· Holly Tornheim Wood Sculpture  
· Travis Williams Nature Photography
· Food Bank of Nevada County

BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL CLINIC WEBSITE   This site gives its busy, three-vet clinic a necessary business presence on the Web. Built with WordPress, it allows the site owner to blog and do easy updates of text and graphics on any page.
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JENNY-LONG.COM WEBSITE   Elegant and restrained is what we wanted for this site. Do visit and see each of Jen's lovely paintings in a larger view. These thumbnail images don't do them justice!
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HOLLY TORNHEIM WEBSITE   As a look at this website will reveal, Holly makes exquisite wood sculpture and practical items for use at the table. The site is designed to showcase her work and attract orders.
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TRAVIS-WILLIAMS.NET WEBSITE    We put this site together fast so that it would be ready and able to process orders when Travis's terrific book came out. The site features his beautiful nature photographs.
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GRASS VALLEY GRAINS WEBSITE     This started to be used like a business card site. More were added later. Now maintained by the owner, it's a WordPress site, but the same basic design remains.
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A cabinet & furniture maker Phillip Garcia's site.
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Thank you for the beautiful design work as well as the vast functional improvements you made to the Marys River Watershed Councilís web site... I have received many compliments on the improved look and feel of our website—from our own board members to the Governor of Oregonís staff! ...
—Sandra Coveny 
Marys River Watershed Council

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