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· BriarPatch Co-op 
· Vast Music 
· Mill Thirteen New!  
· Grass Valley Eye Care
· Marys River Watershed Council
· CoolerZone
· Sierra Storytelling Festival 
· Tuscarora Pottery School 
· North San Juan Fire District
· Best Friends Animal Clinic
· Jenny Long Painting
· Grass Valley Grains

· Barbara Wirth Interior Design 
· Whitewater Naturopathic
· High Performance Advocates
· Counseling Self
· Dana for Aitken Roshi
· Creative Cards Etc. 
· Rent A Box
· Ring of Bone Zendo 
· Holly Tornheim Wood Sculpture
· Travis Williams Nature Photography
· Food Bank of Nevada County
BARBARA WIRTH INTERIOR DESIGN WEBSITE   The banner graphics of this original website communicated the taste of the top-notch interior designer who owned and directed it. In accord with her exacting specifications, we built the site so that all its pages have the same screen height, a rarity in the web world. Now maintained by the client, the site is metamorphosed into something entirely different.
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WHITEWATER NATUROPATHIC CLINIC WEBSITE    While naturopathic doctors are rigorously trained in the fashion of traditional MDs, their education and commitment is to treat patients using natural and alternative approaches that encourage the body's self-healing process. The name of the clinic, Whitewater, derives from its owners’ last name (Weisswasser) and evokes nature and health—hence the imagery I created.
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HIGH PERFORMANCE ADVOCATES WEBSITE    We designed the logo, the letterhead, and brochures as well as this website for the dynamic business consultant whose services it advocates. Now maintained by the client, the site is metamorphosed into something different.
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COUNSELING SELF WEBSITE   This website features useful, self-help articles on common topics such as relationship problems, body image, depression, and clutter. It’s a resource available free to the general public, conveying at once the generosity and therapeutic approach of the professional counselor the site represents. Of course, its contact page also provides the means to make appointments with her for therapy
in person.   
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DANA FOR AITKEN ROSHI WEBSITE   The original site used to have the feature of credit card payment. Dana [DAAH-na] means 'giving' in Sanskrit. The teacher has passed away, and the site is different from the original. Go to the portfolio list



More than a shop selling materials for creative paper-craft, Creative Cards is an artistic enterprise offering year-around classes to educate and inspire. In designing its website, we incorporated into each page a watermark from one of the beautiful papers available at the store. The logotype, which we created for the site and subsequently applied to its print materials, expresses the color and verve of this delightful small business.  Go to the portfolio list


RENT-A-BOX WEBSITE    Rent-A-Box is a family-owned business that rents and sells shipping containers for storage in home, construction, and business settings. The site presents all the information one needs in a direct, no-nonsense way consistent with the reputation Rent-A-Box has earned for outstanding personal attention and professionalism.   
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RING OF BONE ZENDO WEBSITE  This site for a Zen temple outside Nevada City, California, started as a so-called "Business Card Website," the simplest form of on-line presence. Just one page, it’s intended and used like a business card, as a means of providing the essential information needed for getting in touch—and also, through photos, conveys a sense of the place and its community. It’s easy to lose a business card, but the contact info is just a click away on the Internet. Later we added an online donation page using credit cards, which is serving well.   Go to the site.   Go to the portfolio list

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Your creations of my brochure, business card, and website have dramatically increased my bookings. Thank you, Masa, for artfully interpreting my needs and skillfully implementing the nuts and bolts...
—Carl Vast 

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